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Screening tool
Wheelchair Check

In English, Spanish, German, Dutch


Energetic or
easily tired?

Do you sit right in your wheelchair?


Functional and
comfortable ?

Can you go wherever you want?


Skillful and
maneuverable ?

Can you do whatever you want?



also for powered wheelchairs


Why Use This Screening Tool ?

For wheelchair users, determining if their wheelchair is optimally configured can be challenging. Completing the Wheelchair Check screening tool assists in pinpointing potential sitting or rolling-related issues and solutions in both electric and manual wheelchairs.

Currently available in English, Spanish, German and Dutch, with Norwegian translation underway, additional languages will be added in the future.

How to use the tool?

Manon van den Heuvel explains how she uses the Wheelchair Check

Once all questions in the tool are answered, users can download their personalized screening report. This report can then be reviewed with your wheelchair provider and occupational or physical therapist.

How suitable is your wheelchair?


Manon acquired a traumatic brain injury at the age of 5. She did the Wheelchair Check and found out that improvements were necessary and possible.


Robert has a cervical Spinal Cord Injury and uses a manual wheelchair with electric support. By doing the Wheelchair Check he found out that the sitting and riding was optimal.


Susa is 5 years old and is very happy now with her new wheelchair. Her parents used the Wheelchair Check to apply and motivate for a new wheelchair.

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