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“The tool made me realize that the seating dimensions of my wheelchair have never been optimal for me; the seat was 6 cm too wide and this hindered me in driving my manual wheelchair as  my arms always bumped against the back rest  “




We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all individuals who contributed to the translation of Checkjezit into the following languages:

Spanish: The Dutchman Marc and his Peruvian wife Fiori van den Berg who has been residing in The Netherlands for many years.

English: Paul White (American by birth, residing in Holland for over 30 years).

German: David Gobets (Rehabilitation doctor at the SCI-unit in Rehabilitation Centre Heliomare located in Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands, he grew up in Austria.

Norwegian (currently being translated).

All these persons are bilingual and native speakers of the language into which the tool was translated. They are also experts through their own experiences in the field of wheelchair use in Spinal Cord Injury.



(will be updated shortly with future partners)



This website was published first on 9th of January, 2024

Linda Valent (senior researcher/ Occupational Therapist, rehabilitation centre Heliomare, Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands), on behalf of the Wheelchair check team (contact: