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Who can benefit from using the screening tool?

“When I received my new wheelchair, my Occupational therapist requested that I complete the Wheelchair Check after two weeks. He wanted to ensure that I was still satisfied with the wheelchair setup. The evaluation helped me realize that he (and the wheelchair advisor) did an excellent job” 

Who can benefit from using the Wheelchair Check ?


Wheelchair users: Both beginners and experienced users of all ages and diagnoses with any type of wheelchair, including powered wheelchairs, manual or push wheelchairs or sport wheelchairs.

Caregivers or relatives of wheelchair users: This includes partners, parents of children who use wheelchairs. Caregivers often notice changes in sitting posture before the wheelchair user does.

Professionals: Occupational therapists, physical therapists as well as physical trainers or coaches in wheelchair sports

Wheelchair advisors: Those working for wheelchair firms or organizations involved in wheelchair provision


The information gathered from the tool can contribute to a more successful and efficient wheelchair provision or wheelchair adaptation process. Using of the tool can save time for all involved stakeholders in identifying and addressing problems experienced by a wheelchair user at an early stage.

English version

Do the check

German version

Mach den Check

Spanish version

Hacer el check