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How to join international collaboration

“Our seating clinic joined the international project. Our clients appreciate the tool that we incorporated as a link on our website.  With the logo on the report form, the tool is seen as a service that our seating clinic provides” 

How to collaborate with us internationally:

Your organization (patient organization, rehabilitation center, university, wheelchair association, wheelchair sport association etc.) can join us. There are no costs involved as we are a non-profit-organization. Simply, link your organization to the Wheelchair Check tool:

  •  Do this by adding a URL-link of the Wheelchair Check tool on the website of your organization.
  • Inform the visitors of your website that they can do the Wheelchair Check now.
  • Let us know that you promote the Check

It is also possible to send a logo of your organization to, which we can add to the screening form and website. Adding logos will make the tool more recognizable and tailored to your organization.

If your language is missing in the screening tool and you would like to translate it (for free), please let us know.  We can add the language to the tool.

Please inform us when your organization is interested in participating in the scientific research with the database using the Wheelchair Check tool

Kind regards from the Wheelchair Check-team