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What is the screening tool?

What is the Wheelchair Check  ?

Wheelchair Check is a screening tool  that allows wheelchair users to assess if their wheelchair is optimal. The tool is suitable for various types of wheelchairs:  powered, manual,  push and sport wheelchairs. Wheelchair users and professionals (e.g. occupational and physical therapists and wheelchair advisors) can benefit from the tool.

The report provides insight into potential problems and solutions in the match between you and your wheelchair. The personalized review report can be used to enhance the wheelchair setup or justify the need for another wheelchair:



German;  wie geeignet ist dein rollstuhl?

Spanish: que tan adecuada es tu silla de ruedas

Dutch: Checkjezit

Norwegian is currently being translated.

English version

Do the check

German version

Mach den Check

Spanish version

Hacer el check